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Five Ways To Kick Off 2024


With the start of a new year, many people try and do things they usually wouldn’t have done last year. Some view the start of a new year as a fresh start, getting motivated to do things differently during the new year, trying to improve themselves, or doing something that they have always wanted to do. They also see it as a chance to spice things up and to make their lives a little more exciting. Even if you have never tried to do something new or different during a new year, it is never too late to try! Below are five fun things you can do to start off 2024 with a bang!


  1. Do something on your bucket list 

The new year is all about doing and seeing things you didn’t do last year. Why not start the year off with something you’ve always wanted to do? Beginning the year off with doing something on your bucket list not only makes for a great memory, but also gets you one step closer to completing your list! And as a bonus, it also serves as a great story to tell to someone.


  1. Change up your hair!

If you feel as if your current look is getting a bit boring, then change it up completely! Wow everyone you know by greeting them with a completely new hairdo this year! It could be anywhere from completely show-stopping to something simple. Whatever new style you decide to do will surprise everybody you know! Don’t want to change your current hairstyle? Try dyeing it a different color! You could be subtle with it and dye it a natural color, or dye your hair a rainbow of colors! With so many color options and ways to do it, there’s bound to be one you like and decide to do! 


  1. Learn a new skill

It’s always a great idea to improve yourself and learn something new, so why not teach yourself a new skill? It could be anything, such as learning how to start a fire, or teaching yourself how to bake. It can be easy or it can be difficult, like learning how to play an instrument! It can even be something silly. No matter what you decide to learn, it’s bound to catch someone’s attention if you mention it randomly during conversation.


  1. Try out a new hobby

This one is great for those who feel like they don’t have many things to do when everything is said and done. Trying out a new hobby can be beneficial to anyone. Hobbies help us bond with others, relax after a long day of hard work, or it can simply be something fun you can do! It could even lead you to learning something new about yourself. For example, if you decide to take up drawing and see how you like it, you may completely shock yourself and find out how much of a passion you have for it! There are hundreds of hobbies you can try out, all you need to do is find the right one for you! 


  1. Do something completely out of your comfort zone 

Really feel like challenging yourself this year? Then this one’s for you! Face your fears and do something that you would never have even thought of trying to. This is a great way to start the year off with something memorable, whether it be positive or negative. No matter what it is, or how it goes, doing something out of your comfort zone is an act of bravery and shows that you’re willing to try anything and everything this year!


A new year is a chance to change yourself and try to live your life to the fullest. You have no idea how the year will go, so why not take control of the start of it and begin 2024 with memories filled with joy and hilarious moments?  

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Jugeiry Perez, Contributor
Hi everyone! My name is Jugeiry Perez and I'm currently a Sophomore at South. I take Journalism as a class and am a contributor to the Chronicle! I have always loved to read and write, and to have the opportunity to further explore my interests in it through journalism. I adore teaching others about important topics going on in our community and the Colonel Chronicle allows me to do that. I own a lazy little chihuahua named Audrey and she is my biggest supporter (other than my mom). I frequently attend the Apricot Journal workshops and try my best to stay connected to South through clubs and school events. I hope to pursue a career as an author in the future and I am very excited to contribute as much as I can to the school newspaper! 

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