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The Colonel Chronicle

The Colonel Chronicle

Jose Reyes Lopez, Baseball

What sport at South did you play, what years did you play, and what position?

I played baseball in my sophomore and junior year, and for my senior year too. For my position, ever since I was little it was shortstop, but right now since I am playing for South I am an extra hitter and also left field for now.

What was your favorite memory, or memories, as a part of this team?
My favorite memories are being able to play and represent my high school and every minute I spend with Coach Pags and my teammates.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

For me, everyday we face a team it’s our biggest challenge we face.

 What is something that surprised you about your time on the team?

Something that surprised me ever since I played in the team is that we never give up.

What lesson or mindset will you bring with you into your future after being a part of this team?

The mindset I will bring with me in the future is that never give up always believe in myself and have faith like me and my teammates always have.