Senior Profile: Luis Sanchez

Can you share some details on your plans for after graduation? What are you most looking forward to with these plans?

[I’ll be going to] Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Robotics Engineering.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start, making new friends, and preparing myself for the career that I want. 

Do you have any memorable moments from your time at South High? 

  • Hosting the international show
  • Watching football games with my friends
  • South High Soccer
  • Writing an apology rap to Mr. Cormier 

Is there anything specific about the old South building that you will remember? 

  • The vending machines always stealing people’s money in the cafeteria
  • The gym having a track
  • The ramps
  • No walls no limits: one class claps and the rest of the “pod” claps along 

What is something that you have learned or experienced at South High that you will take with you after graduation?  

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • Enjoy every second because it’s the memories that we make that we bring with us forever 

Do you have any advice you would share with rising seniors or with underclassmen?

School is important, but what is more important is to walk in to South with a smile in the morning from a good night’s rest, and to go to bed with a smile from the fun day you’ve just had. Basically, don’t overstress that one assignment if it will keep you up past 12am. Choose to hang out with your friends over that one assignment that’s due at 11:59pm. One assignment won’t break you, but your mental health and happiness can. 

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