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The Colonel Chronicle


The Colonel Chronicle

The Colonel Chronicle


Read some Frequently Asked Questions about the Colonel Chronicle to learn more about us!


What does the Chronicle do?

The Chronicle reports on events, news, and life at South and in Worcester. This means we publish news stories, opinion pieces, student life articles, reviews, and more. If you know of something interesting going on, or if you have an article you want to share, tell us! We are always to include members of our community!

Furthermore, members of the staff work on website and graphic design for our articles—this is a crucial part in the functioning of the newspaper.


How can I contribute to the Colonel Chronicle?

There are two main ways to contribute: as a contributor and a staff member.

As a contributor, you can send us articles, opinion pieces, and more, when you feel like it, via our submission link here. Furthermore, you can contact us about establishing a “column,” where you can write on a frequent basis about a certain topic, such as sports, movies, or advice.

Staff members have a greater responsibility to the newspaper, and write articles, manage the website, and organize the club. If you are interested in being a staff member, contact Ms. Ledoux ([email protected])!

Join our Google Classroom with the code 7e2topb to stay updated on everything about the Chronicle!


How do I join the Chronicle?

See the above question! You can join as a contributor or a staff member—we always are looking for more voices to include!

Join our Google Classroom with the code 7etopb to learn when we have meetings, and to stay updated on everything about the Chronicle!


When does the Chronicle meet?

The Chronicle meets weekly on Wednesdays in Ms. Ledoux’s room (A147). During our meetings, we usually discuss upcoming articles and plans for the newspaper, give ourselves time to write, and hang out. Stop by!


What should I know before contributing to the Chronicle?

1) Take a look at some of the writing we have published. Does your piece seem like it would fit in well with our articles? Do we already have an article similar to the one you are submitting? We don’t publish creative writing, such as stories and poems. For those, send them to the Apricot Journal, South’s literary magazine, here!

2) Check your word count. We aim for most pieces to be longer than 400 words. In some cases, we might trim down your article to make it more concise. That’s totally normal! Most newspapers do that.

3) Make sure you run a spell check and grammar check AND proofread your writing! You should be submitting the best version of your writing that you can.

4) We can’t always publish everything we receive. Even if your writing isn’t published, submit again!


How do I submit?

Use our submission link here! You’ll hear back from us soon.


What if my writing isn’t published?

Rejection is a natural part of writing (see Anya Geist’s essay about that here). If your writing isn’t published, submit again! Find another topic that interests you, or ask your peers and teachers for advice on how to improve your writing.