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Chloe Williams

Can you share some details on your plans for after graduation? For example, the name of college you will be attending or where you will be working. What are you most looking forward to with these plans?

I am going to be attending Clark University with a major of mechanical engineering through the 3-2 program with Columbia University! I am most looking forward to meeting new people, decorating my dorm, playing sports and joining a lot of clubs for fun!

Do you have any memorable moments from your time at South High?

I do! Some of my favorite memories have to do with winning sports games and meeting new fun people in class! I also really enjoyed the pep rallies from last year and the outside events that we do during the year like the solar eclipse party, or even the dodgeball tournament! I also really enjoyed the last day of school in my sophomore year where we got together and played a Mario Kart tournament in the common room, took pictures and walked around the lake! One of my favorite parts however was participating in the international show and bonding with that group of people through culture and dance!

What is something that you have learned or experienced at South High that you will take with you after graduation? 

I have learned a lot about diversity, perspective and opportunity. With such a diverse school I was able to understand and connect with different experiences, and understand the opportunities that I am lucky to have. I have experienced community here, and support in places like my tennis team, which I will definitely take with me when I go to Clark!

Do you have any advice you would share with rising seniors or with underclassmen?

Stay on top of your work, obviously, but also take the time to hang out with people, join sports teams and join new clubs. Like I said before, the international show was one of the highlights of my senior and high school years, so I suggest participating in that even if you are not from that country (as long as they are okay with it)! Enjoy and experience as much as you can, and try to stay as positive as possible, even when it is difficult.