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Students’ Thoughts: Do New Year’s Resolutions Even Matter?

Do New Year’s resolutions even matter? Do that many people actually make them? What do people actually think about resolutions? Are they a good thing? Do people think they’re a waste of time? 

I’ve always wondered what people actually think about them and how many people actually make them or keep them.  So when I got the chance, I surveyed the people I could, which ended up being 20 people. I wish I could’ve gotten more people but I had to work with what I had, and the majority (55%, or 11 people) said that they do make a resolution. A little less than half (45%, or 9 people) said that they don’t.  

What do people think about resolutions?  From the majority of the responses I got, people seemed to think they were good, but only to a certain extent. Some people said that the goals help them make sure to get stuff done. Others said that they didn’t understand why you would only make goals at the new year. Why not try to improve all year?

A decent amount of people thought that they’re not a super good idea because they’re expected to be a massively unachievable goal, and this makes people beat themselves up when they can’t achieve that unreasonable and quite frankly impossible goal.

There are many views on New Year’s resolutions. What do you think?