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Pets: Humans of South High


Welcome to the Colonel Chronicle’s first Humans of South feature!

Heavily inspired by Humans of New York, Humans of South will showcase some of the wonderful and talented people here at South High. To start us off, our first Humans of South feature will be on pets! Many students and staff at South High own pets. Whether it be a dog, cat, turtle, or even a snake, our pets are always there to greet us when we come home after a long day of hard work.

Below are some of these lovable animals who brighten our day, every day.

Dorito, owned by Ms. Bishop.
Dorito, owned by Ms. Bishop.

First up, we have Dorito! Dorito is a 3-year-old Diluted Orange Tabby, owned by Ms. Bishop! Dorito is one special kitty; his beige/light orange coat is actually a rare color! Very cool! Ms. Bishop says that Dorito is “an absolute menace.” She says that his hobbies are, “Puking in my sink in protest when I clean his litter box and screaming in front of any closed doors (including closets) because how dare they.” 

Ms. Bishop also adds that, “Dorito's name changes depending on his attitude for the day; if he's calm, he's Cool Ranch Dorito. He's usually Dorito Loco, though. I love him dearly.”


Puffy, owned by Ariana Marte.
Puffy, owned by Ariana Marte.

Next up, we have Puffy! She is around 8-9 months old and is owned by Ariana Marte ‘26! Puffy is a polydactyl cat - meaning she inherited a mutation that caused her to have multiple toes! She has six toes, so her paws look like little mittens! “She is so fascinated by water, like watching it run,” Ariana says. 

Buddy, owned by Silver Jackson.
Buddy, owned by Silver Jackson.

 And finally, we have Buddy! Buddy is the oldest kitty out of the group - he is 13 years old! Wow! Silver Jackson ‘26, his owner, tells us that “He loves everyone.” 

Pets are a vital part of our lives. No matter what kind of animal they are, pets bring us joy and happiness, even in the darkest of times. Have a pet? Make sure to show it some extra love today to tell them that you appreciate them! They deserve it.

Do you want your pets featured in the Colonel Chronicle? Send in your pictures and info about your pets HERE and we will feature them in a future article!

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Jugeiry Perez, Contributor
Hi everyone! My name is Jugeiry Perez and I'm currently a Sophomore at South. I take Journalism as a class and am a contributor to the Chronicle! I have always loved to read and write, and to have the opportunity to further explore my interests in it through journalism. I adore teaching others about important topics going on in our community and the Colonel Chronicle allows me to do that. I own a lazy little chihuahua named Audrey and she is my biggest supporter (other than my mom). I frequently attend the Apricot Journal workshops and try my best to stay connected to South through clubs and school events. I hope to pursue a career as an author in the future and I am very excited to contribute as much as I can to the school newspaper! 

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