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Letter to the Editor: Bathroom Policies
Letter to the Editor: Bathroom Policies
Kayn St Louis, Contributer • May 14, 2024
How is the parking at South High?
How is the parking at South High?
Chronicle Staff May 14, 2024
South High Girls Tennis Team, 2024
Girls Tennis Team Continues to Take Wins as Season Progresses
Lucy Reidy, News Editor • May 5, 2024

Senior Athlete Profile: Chloe Williams, Tennis and Soccer

What team did you play on, and what years? What position? 

I played soccer in a defensive position for all 4 years of high school. I participated in track freshman year, and then competed for the tennis team for my sophomore, junior (2nd singles) and senior year (1st singles).

What was your favorite memory, or memories, as a part of this team?

Tennis: One of my favorite memories was my sophomore year when we had been beaten by Uxbridge pretty badly, but my coach (love you Mr. Earley) brought us to go get ice cream after to celebrate anyway. We had an amazing season and it just meant a lot for the support even through our losses, and established our wonderful team dynamic even further!

What was the biggest challenge you faced, if any?

Soccer: One of the biggest challenges I faced on the soccer team was the team dynamic and sometimes the lack of positivity between the coach and teammates. It became hard to want to succeed, even though I loved the sport and that was difficult pill to swallow.

What is something that surprised you about your time on the team?

Tennis: Something that surprised me was the way that those who had never even played tennis before had progressed throughout tryouts and then throughout the year. It is truly impressive the skills to which some of these players can get to, and it gives me a lot of hope for the future of the tennis team.

What lesson or mindset will you bring with you into your future after being a part of this team?

Staying mentally positive and creating a healthy environment in my team and in my community will remain major goals for me. Plus, they build off each other, so the better the environment, the better the mental state, and the more we can stay positive and succeed together.

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