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Letter to the Editor: The Effects of School Violence


Going to school every day to meet friends and learn new things are things that students should do. But among them, there are always students who are different from the rest. They go to school not only to study but also to bully or fight, causing problems with others. 

Since I started high school, violence and bullying at school has happened very often. It greatly affects other students because they fear they will be the next subject to be bullied, making them anxious and unable to concentrate on their studies

I believe that the violent and bullying behaviors of South High students are greatly affecting the students affected by those violent and bullying behaviors and we need to do something to fix it. These things are intended to help students no longer be afraid when going to school.

I still went to school as usual but that day was a special day. I witnessed a fight between students. They fought without knowing it would affect the health and psychology of the students who witnessed it. Students fought and were interrupted by teachers and security guards who took them to the main office.

Some opinions say that fighting, violence, and bullying are normal situations in high schools and have no effect because they are just impulsiveness of students. But to me, it’s completely wrong because it greatly affects everyone around, affecting everyone’s education because they fear they will be the next victim of violence. Ask anyone who has witnessed or been a victim of violence, fighting, and bullying and they will tell you that it is very bad.

Although I don’t have a solution to these problems yet, here at South High, we can try out some of our students’ ideas.

First, we will increase the punishment for fighting so severely that next time they will not dare to do it again.

Secondly, we could use community labor as punishment, such as letting them pick up trash or help where the community needs help for a few weeks or months so they can realize their mistakes. This also makes a good solution to help them realize their mistakes.

Hopefully this will help them understand the impact and importance of school violence.

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