South High’s Math Team Tutors West Tatnuck Elementary’s Math Team


Jason Murillo, Editor-in-Chief

WEST TATNUCK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WORCESTER, MA – On November 3rd, members of the South High Community School’s math team went to West Tatnuck Elementary School to tutor ambitious 5th and 6th-grade students who are a part of their school’s math team. Part of the math team who went were Seniors Emma Robeau, Emmanuel Joel Torto, Nexus Attiogbe, and Luis Sanchez; Juniors Jason Murillo, Caelum Lam, and Phu Duong; and Sophomores Alina Liu and Megan Ashun. The students were accompanied by math teacher Ms. Rossi (Math Team Advisor as well) and the Math Department Head, Mr. Little.

The nine students and two teachers crowded in the Andy’s Attic van to get there from South High singing along to music played by a student’s phone. Once they got there, the students felt a sense of nostalgia as they walked through the tiny halls and saw classrooms with desks and chairs half the size of what they use at South High.

Math Team is a before-school activity for West Tatnuck, so math team members had to arrive early to school. That might sound like a pain, but when one notices that West Tatnuck opens its doors at 9 o’clock (two hours after South starts), it does not sound all that bad. Once the West Tatnuck math team arrived, it was time to get started. The students from both schools were divided into separate groups to solve a problem set of math questions. Each high school student tutored about two to three students.

Some questions were harder to answer than others, even for South’s math team. However, that did not stop the students from working hard. By the time the school’s bell rang, each group had conquered the problem set.

South’s math team returned back to South around 9:20, missing period 2 and some of period 3.

If you would like to tutor elementary students and miss one-and-a-half periods some days, join the math team! Contact [email protected] for more information on how to join and for the problem set the math teams worked on together. There is a ten dollar due to pay to cover math competition entry costs.