Addie Lee’s Soul Food


Jason Murillo, Editor-in-Chief

If you have ever been to Downtown Worcester, you have definitely passed or even looked at this restaurant: Addie Lee’s Soul Food. However, you probably never have thought about what it was; it has no sign or anything that says the name of the restaurant. It is located across from the old RMV building.

One day, I decided to go because I was at the library and wanted something to eat. I love Soul Food, so much. I love fried chicken, I love mac and cheese, I love everything that is in the soul food category. So as soon as I heard it was a soul food restaurant I had to go.

I entered the restaurant; it was quite empty, but well-maintained. I saw that there were at least two workers working very diligently to get orders done. While they were in the kitchen, I looked at the menu. I was a bit confused, but the menu was not confusing itself, it was just me. So, I needed an explanation.

The restaurant worker took a while to get to me. He took so long that I decided to sit down. But it wasn’t that he was taking his sweet time. As I said, he was working diligently. When he got to me, he was very nice and explained the menu to me. I decided to buy a large plate with sides of chicken wings, collard greens, and mac and cheese, with the main dish being yellow rice. I think it was around $15.

I hope it’s worth it, I was thinking. Since there were only two workers, it also took quite a while to get my food. But it was certainly worth it because when I opened the heavy container I was presented with a bunch of food. It was stuffed to the brim; there were no empty spaces. But the quantity does not matter, it’s how it tastes that matters.

It certainly did taste delicious. The wings were nice and crispy, and compared to chicken fast food restaurants, they certainly were not undercooked. The mac and cheese was very nice well. Although I do not know what collard greens should taste like, I was certainly impressed because it was delicious. The rice reminded me of rice my family makes, giving me a family vibe to this plate. I really felt at home eating all this wonderful food. I usually hate cornbread, but the cornbread they made was nicely baked and tasted amazing.

Overall, I would highly recommend Addie Lee’s Soul Food restaurant to anyone. 10/10.