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Reflections on the New School Year


As of writing this, The 2023-2024 school year started 18 days ago. Lots of things have changed since last year, good and bad. The first week of school for me was a bit strange. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I was often reluctant to get out of bed and go to school in the mornings. I enjoy all of my classes despite the fact that I rarely speak to anyone in them, and I don’t have a problem with how my classes are ordered. The new schedule they introduced this year was (it still is, honestly..) very confusing and hard to get used to, but I have gotten more used to it as the days go by.

Since the beginning of the school year, I have set expectations and goals for myself this year. The main one is to try my hardest to get straight-A’s in all my classes, all year long. Easier said than done, but I consider myself to be hardworking and great at getting things done (academically wise, at least) so I have high hopes for myself.

My other goals are more simplistic. This year, since I didn’t have the opportunity last year, I want to try and join a club. I love being in clubs, and South High has SO MANY CLUBS. There are endless opportunities, and being active in my community is great for my last main goal, which is to narrow down the colleges I want to apply to and plan accordingly. Sure, starting to search for potential colleges to go to during my Sophomore year is early, but I think it’s better to start early than not.

This also ties into my other goals, since good grades and being active in my community will be extremely important when trying to get into the colleges I apply for.

All in all, the school year so far has been okay. I will say that the first few weeks of school during my freshman year went a lot smoother than this year, but I’m sure I will have a blast as the year goes on. I’m also really looking forward to all the fun school events South has, like the International Show! I bet it’ll be even better than last year (and that one was MIND-BLOWING!).

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Jugeiry Perez, Contributor
Hi everyone! My name is Jugeiry Perez and I'm currently a Sophomore at South. I take Journalism as a class and am a contributor to the Chronicle! I have always loved to read and write, and to have the opportunity to further explore my interests in it through journalism. I adore teaching others about important topics going on in our community and the Colonel Chronicle allows me to do that. I own a lazy little chihuahua named Audrey and she is my biggest supporter (other than my mom). I frequently attend the Apricot Journal workshops and try my best to stay connected to South through clubs and school events. I hope to pursue a career as an author in the future and I am very excited to contribute as much as I can to the school newspaper! 

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