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How to Make the Best of Your Classes

Bruce T. Martin

Do you have a class you don’t like? A class where the subject isn’t too bad, but the teacher is just not what you’re looking for? A teacher who talks too much or too little, a teacher who has the lights too bright or too dark, a teacher who you have just overall bad communication with? You know that teacher whom you just react to when you hear you have to go to that period, you start dragging your feet, your posture lowers, you start to groan and roll your eyes because you do not like this teacher whatsoever. If you know what I’m talking about, this article is for you. 

So, what do you do? You can’t skip the class; that’s only going to make your life harder. You also can’t just walk in and put your head down because we all know that teachers’ eyes will dart right to you and ask you to pick your head up or get out. Neither help you in the case of peacefully not having to deal with your teacher while not getting in trouble. To perfectly set up the scenario, let’s also say you are unable to switch out of the class. I have found that having a friend to complain about the teacher to is helpful, but that doesn’t help when you’re in class and annoyed and at your wits’ end. 

If you build a routine for every time you enter that class and stick to it, the teacher will realize and figure out your norm. For example, we all know at least one student that comes in slams their bag onto the floor, puts their head down, then pulls out their phone. Maybe even you’ve done that. The teacher knows that that’s the student’s routine, so they pay more attention to them because of that knowledge of routine. My idea is we also use a routine, but to make the class better rather than getting us in trouble. Walk into class, ask the teacher for low lights and lower music then sit down. If the teacher complies, do this every class for 2 weeks and eventually they will just do it without having to think about it.


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