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Winter Season Means Warm Clothes at Andy’s Attic

Andy’s Attic is a non-profit organization run by South High students who volunteer to help families and people in need of clothes or other necessities. No matter your situation, Andy’s Attic will provide clothes. Andy’s Attic is located in Room B009.

Andy’s Attic Drop-Box Location

Andy’s Attic is directed by Mr. Boyle, who also helps run it.

As the days go on the weather gets colder, you should be prepared. But what if you don’t have a coat or gloves? Don’t worry– Andy’s Attic can supply you with warm clothes. 

Below is an interview conducted with Mr. Boyle about some of Andy’s Attic’s services:


What does Andy’s attic provide?”

Andy’s attic provides a combination of new and used clothing, new underwear, socks, gloves, and backpacks when available. Andy’s attic also provides all sizes.


“What sizes are you especially looking for right now?”

Andy’s attic accepts all clothing donations from all ages and genders. Our biggest need is coats because of winter. Boys’ and girls’ elementary clothing is also something else we are looking for. 


“What advice do you have for the quality or condition of clothes that can be donated?”

We take everything– even if we decide to not give it to people who place an order. We have other places to donate it to such as the church or other local places that accept it. We also have washing machines to clean the clothes, but it does take some time so we prefer if it’s clean. If you don’t have a washing machine to clean it, we can always wash it.


“What is Andy’s Attic always looking for?

We are looking for toiletries such as soap, tampons, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and diapers. We also are looking for kids’ clothing. We take everything and we appreciate everything that is donated.

You may be thinking: “I have everything I need to stay warm!”. Well, there’s actually something you can do to help out. Maybe you have warm clothes that don’t fit or maybe something you don’t want. You can always donate it to Andy’s Attic. Instead of getting rid of clothes you have, you can always donate it to Andy’s Attic and help out someone who needs it.

If you want to contact Andy’s Attic, you can call them at this number: (508) 799-3325) Or, you can write them an email at [email protected]. They are open from Monday-Friday: 7:30am – 1:00pm. If you want to donate any clothes, they have a bin located at the back of the school. Everything is accepted, so please donate if you can.

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