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How to Apply for a Job and Keep It

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When it comes to getting a job in high school, it’s a complicated process. It has many steps that you need to make sure you do right. With my experience and some help from other people, I believe we have the necessary cleverness and wisdom to help people in need.

To start off first, look up some stores or places you would like to apply to and work at that YOU WILL ENJOY! I recommend a job that you can handle since high schoolers are balancing both work and school. Try to make it simple for yourself. After looking for a place you would like to work for you can start your resume. Including your name, age, clubs or languages that you know would be helpful and beneficial and help your resume look as professional as possible. After that, you would call the store and ask if they’re hiring before you apply. 

The next step would be them asking you to come in and do an interview. When that’s done, at that point it’s a waiting game until they call you back to accept. An interview may sound scary, but it’s not as scary as you think. You have to be prepared and not worry. Here are some questions to expect that they may ask you: What’s your age and name ? What’s your availability? Why we should hire you? What are you good at? How did  you know about this job? Tell more about yourself? 

Furthermore, you would need a work permit if you aren’t 18 or older. The work permit is provided by your school in the office or a guidance counselor who will have to sign it before you bring it to your job. The manager can then sign it and with that same paper return it to the school. A BIG REMINDER! If you don’t get the job, don’t be upset because you can try again and apply to other places. Life is about getting back up when you fail. Good luck! 

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Jasmiley Schotborg, Contributor
👐Hello, readers! I'm Jasmiley Schotborg🌷, a junior at South High. As a contributor and writer for the Colonel Chronicles. I enjoy writing about upcoming school events that help students to be updated at all times. I’m in Journalism this year which is a whole new experience for me. I love trying new things like guitar and painting. I hope to pursue something to do with nursing or business in the future. My outside hobbies include painting and listening to music and exploring more. I’m excited to be a part of the Colonel Chronicle, writing stories and posting pictures throughout the rest of this year.  
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