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More Advice, Inspiration from South’s Faculty

The Chronicle Staff interviewed two more teachers for their perspectives on career choices and their passion for teaching.

Last week, the Chronicle staff began interviewing South teachers on their choice of education for their career path, and to gain some inspiration for South students who may be thinking about their future. We are happy to add reflections from two more teachers: Ms. Beard from the English Department, and Ms. Senko from the Science Department. 

 Ms. Beard is both an African American Studies and English teacher. 

She use to live in her hometown Nashville, Tennessee where she was a songwriter and background singer – outside of teaching, she is an classically trained musician! She also enjoys activism and incorporating it in her lessons which is really effective. As she says,  “teaching students that they have a voice that they should not be afraid to use and that is important and deserves to be heard is a integral part of my teaching.” Ms. Beard  prioritizes encouraging her students to speak out and have an opinion on important issues.  

 Ms. Beard says she had a 9th grade teacher who inspired her to become a teacher, and it was an easy transition to bring her passion for activism to her teaching. Like her own teacher, “I wanted to create a positive change in the world by inspiring students.  Her favorite part of teaching at South is the students. Ms. Beard say she loves the diversity here. 

When asked about advice for students think about life in general she said: “I would give to students regarding life after school and their plans would be to choose to do what makes you happy, Chooses a career or path that you will enjoy, because life is fleeting. Life is too short to not enjoy what you are doing, and it goes by in a flash. Happiness is essential!”

Ms. Senko teaches both honors and college physics at South High. She has been teaching here for over 15 years. 

In her free time, Ms. Senko enjoys building structures, walking, traveling to new places, and exploring nature.  As a teacher and a parent, she wants to see her students succeed. She believes that education is the key to doing so, and that all students are capable of learning – especially science and mathematics! 

She enjoys teaching students how the world around us works and connecting with them. “[My students] know a lot before they come to Physics,” she says. Ms. Senko has said before that while she teaches her students a lot, they teach her as well. This trade-off is what allows her to make valuable connections. “I want them to believe in themselves and I will be happy to hear they are doing well after they graduate high school.” 

She especially likes teaching at South because of the diversity and because, “Students who want to learn make [her] day everyday.”

As for advice for students, Ms. Senko encourages students to, “Take advantage of the great education offered to you, ask questions, and learn as much as you can,” She says, “Education opens doors to new opportunities!” 

We hope you have enjoyed reading perspectives from South faculty, and that you may be inspired to prioritize passion, happiness and meaning in your own future career path – whatever that may be.



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