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Pride Week 2024

Pride spirit week is here! We asked Mx. K some questions about the celebration.

When did South High start holding Pride Week?  How has it grown or evolved? (if it has)

I started working at South in 2012 and at that point a different teacher was running LGBTQIA+ Club.  The event they would run, and I would eventually take over running was Day of Silence.  A protest where students across the country remained silent for an entire day to represent the silence faced by the LGBTQIA+ Community.  Overtime we decided as a club we wanted to celebrate our voices instead of our silence and started to do Rainbow Day!  A Day where everyone would dress in rainbow to show their support for the LGBTQIA+ Community.  Back in 2022 I decided to expand it to a full spirit week to Celebrate Pride Month and we have continued that these past three years!

Why do you think Pride Week is important to South High?

I think it is really important to show our LGBTQIA+ Students that they are not only accepted in the school but celebrated.  There has been a lot of push back against the LGBTQIA+ Community these past few years and it is really important to show that we have a strong community full of love and respect for one another.

Besides being involved in Pride Week, what else can South students do to be an ally to our LGBTQ+ students? 

Showing your support of the LGBTQIA+ Community all year long!  You can come to club meetings to learn more about the community, you can stand up for others when they are being bullied, you can encourage those around you to not use derogatory language.  It is really about showing your fellow students that the South High community is a safe and accepting one!  If students want to take it a step further they can get involved in LGBTQIA+ Organizations, reach out to local politicians or help the political campaigns for candidates that support the LGBTQIA+ Community!  We always still have work to do in and out of our community!

Anything you want to add that could make an impression on the South community to help them understand the significance of Pride Week? 

Just a reminder that although we are celebrating this week, we are lucky to do so.  There are other places around the country and even within our own community where LGBTQIA+ people do not have the acceptance that we do at South High and that there are still students here and elsewhere that do not feel safe.  That it is our responsibility as community members to learn and grow and help those around us live their lives to the fullest and be their most authentic selves! 

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