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Majority of Students Said They Go to Dunkin’ Every Week


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This Week’s Poll

How many times per week do you go to Dunkin’?


The Options

  • None
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5+


And You Answered…

At least once a week! Most respondents said they go to Dunkin’ at least once a week, though 15 (over 40%) said they didn’t… And 6 students said they go 5+ times a week – wow. That’s a lot of Dunkin’, guys.


Let’s Hear What You Had to Say:

Chloe Williams ’24 goes to Dunkin’ “probably 4-5 times per week,” usually on her way to school. “I like heaving a coffee or some kind of drink to start my morning,” she said. The line often isn’t too bad, she said, but “if it is, it takes max 5-7 minutes longer.” Her favorite drink: an iced latte with caramel.

Leah Bai ’26 goes to Dunkin’ on her way to school at least once a week, usually on Thursdays. “I am not a morning person,” she said. She sometimes makes tea or coffee at home, but buying it is easier. “[I] always have some kind of caffeine, [though].” Lately, she’s been enjoying a cinnamon vanilla coffee.

Julia Merriam ’26 doesn’t usually go to Dunkin’. She takes the bus to school in the mornings, “and I also don’t currently have a job.” If she had a job and could drive herself, she thinks she would go more often. What would she get? “I don’t drink coffee,” she said, “but I like the strawberry dragon fruit refresher.”

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