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Letter to the Editor: South School Lunch


Normally lunch time is every kid’s favorite time of the day. But as time passes, the school lunch changed and hasn’t been the same. Nowadays, kids don’t go to lunch because of the poor selection of lunch. I feel there needs to be a change in the food because some kids don’t have the money to bring their only food from home and they depend on the school to provide them food.

I believe that a problem at South High and in our community is that there is no variety in lunches. We eat the same things every week: pizza, salad, nuggets, corn dogs, PB&J, and tacos. As a student at South High, I have been here all 4 years and rarely eat the school lunch. It’s not the food that is bad, but the selection of the food could be changed to a wider variety of food to pick from. My friends and I are sick of having the same food every week, and the fact that students often order UberEats (even though it is not allowed) shows that the food here could be better. Even though there are a lot of options every day from hot lunches, to sandwiches, to salads, the fact that these options never change is frustrating.

Better food and more variety will improve the atmosphere of the school and allow students to perform better. Showing that the school cares about us will make us feel like we are valued. Recently, this has gotten worse with how they only allow us to grab one meal per lunch, and the amount of food they give I feel may not be even be enough to satisfy students.

Money would be an issue. Having a greater variety of food would certainly cost more money, which the Worcester Public School might not have. It’s probably stressful already to pay for and deliver the food we are given, so this would complicate things even more. There is also so much food that goes to waste here.

Even though adding more variety in lunches would be complicated and expensive, if done in small steps, it is easily possible. Students can even help the staff with the delivery from the truck to the cafeteria.

Overall, the price of bringing in more food will be worth the value of showing students that the school cares about their health.

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