Artist Spotlight: Glowmanny


Lila Tallagnon, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Glowmanny, though he needs no introduction, is a local multi-genre indie artist who’s been steadily building a following for his music. He’s been making music for several years now, and has recently come out with a few singles: “Are You My Fantasy?” and “Bye”, which just came out this week.

I asked him some questions about his career and his plans going forward:

How did you start making music? 

I started with Garage band at 10 years old. I just messed around with it. My uncle is a producer and he first encouraged me to get familiar with it. This prepared me to work with other software.

Who are your inspirations/what types of albums or music influence you? 

My inspirations are Men I Trust, The Marias, Frank Ocean, Rema, The Weeknd, Tyfontaine, Kanye, Blood Orange, Trippie Redd, Giveon, Young Thug, Joji, and Gunna. 

What are some goals you have for your career going forward? 

My goals moving forward include making more music, and gaining genuine connections in the industry. I plan to give my supporters what they want, but most importantly, do what I want with my creativity. 

Where is the best place for people to find your music? 

Spotify: Glowmanny

Do you perform live? If so, where and when? 

I plan to perform live in various spots around Worcester and Boston. I usually prefer to perform in the summer; last summer was at City Hall. School honestly takes up a lot of my time so performing hasn’t been my first priority. I guess we’ll see what happens next.

How does your music making process work, if you want to share? 

My process is like any other process. You record, mix, and produce. I know it’s more complicated than that but I’m not here to be a teacher. I just do it.

Some Info about a recent release? 

“Are You My Fantasy?” was a song made out of impulse. I needed something for the end of the year, so I just did it. Impulse is great. Act out on it more.