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Lucys Summer Suggestions: Part 2

Lucy’s Summer Suggestions: Part 2

Lucy Reidy, News Editor June 12, 2024

Finally-- once again-- the summer months are coming around. Longer days, the smell of sunscreen, and roadside ice cream shops are in our midst.  But of course, summer break brings work to prepare for...

Letter to the Editor: South School Lunch

Letter to the Editor: South School Lunch

Mekhi Lee, Contributer June 3, 2024

Normally lunch time is every kid's favorite time of the day. But as time passes, the school lunch changed and hasn't been the same. Nowadays, kids don’t go to lunch because of the poor selection of lunch....

Letter to the Editor: Snack Sales at South

Letter to the Editor: Snack Sales at South

Kayliana Hayes, Contributer June 3, 2024

Imagine having to raise prices for an event when you could have made the money in a more convenient way. A problem at South High and Massachusetts in general, is not being able to sell snacks in school....

Letter to the Editor: Bathroom Policies

Letter to the Editor: Bathroom Policies

Kayn St Louis, Contributer May 14, 2024

One day in period 7, I had to go to the bathroom. There was a long line there and I didn’t want to wait, so I just went back to class since I didn’t want to miss any class time. I believe that a problem...

South High Girls Tennis Team, 2024

Girls Tennis Team Continues to Take Wins as Season Progresses

Lucy Reidy, News Editor May 5, 2024

The start of May is always hectic for students, whether it be college decisions for seniors or studying for AP tests. But for the South High Girls Tennis team, oddly, their season is still just getting...

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The Revival of 1970s Fashion

Lucy Reidy, News Editor March 24, 2024

If you’re anything like me, in the past year you have noticed an abundance of a certain group of fashion influencers showing up on TikTok. It’s a group of 3-5 tall guys from Los Angeles, all sporting...

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The “Thrive Act” Could Change What MCAS Means for Students

Bryanna Carrasquillo, Contributor February 8, 2024

Every student in Massachusetts is stressed and tired of graduation requirements. The majority of students are increasingly nervous about passing the MCAS, knowing it's a graduation requirement. But, they...

Winter Season Means Warm Clothes at Andys Attic

Winter Season Means Warm Clothes at Andy’s Attic

Josiah Arocho, Contributor December 7, 2023

Andy’s Attic is a non-profit organization run by South High students who volunteer to help families and people in need of clothes or other necessities. No matter your situation, Andy’s Attic will provide...

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