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Students Discuss Detention Policy

Students Discuss Detention Policy
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During lunch last week, we were discussing detention since one of my friends was complaining about getting one. He’s a good student and just happened to be late to class, yet there’s people who do nothing in class and walk out with no punishment. I realized it got the whole group amped up and talking about the situation. It sparked my interest in seeing how the detention policy affects other friends and their opinions on it as well.


Jasmiley Schotborg.

“I think it’s kind of silly because the school is really big. It does not take three minutes to walk from one side of the school to another, so if it happens multiple times and you end up getting detention, I don’t think it’s the students’ fault.”
– Jasmiley Schotborg, 11th Grade






Lila Tallagnon.
“I think that it’s pointless, because high schoolers are going to be late. We wake up really early and I feel like the punishment does us no good. A lot of the time they are punishing us for things we can’t control like late buses.” 
– Lila Tallagnon, 11th Grade







Sarah Jeffers.
“It doesn’t make any sense – it’s stupid. Why are you punishing kids, just because they can’t walk as fast as others? I am short – I don’t walk very fast.”  
– Sarah Jeffers, 11th Grade









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